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1) Tell us about your organization?

a. Who are you?

b. What is your purpose?

c. When were you founded?

d. Where are you from?

2) What makes your organization so special?

3) Who are the leaders of your organization? What is your leadership role?

a. Staff

b. Mentors

c. Duties/Responsibilities

4) What are some of the major goals for this organization?

5) How can people/students get involved with or join your organization?

a. Qualifications

b. Volunteering

c. Donations

d. Sponsorships

e. Advertisement

f. Press/media

g. Etc.

6) How could you inspire the new generation of students?

7) What short/long term goals do you have for this organization?

8) What impact is most important to you to leave behind?

9) When it's all said and done, do you think anyone would want to read the story of your life?

(Most important question)

10) What makes you "So Educated” ?

(Please start off your response with) …………….. My name is "Your Name” and I'm So Educated™ because………….(This can be as creative as you want it)

Example 1 My name is "Your Name” and I'm So Educated™ because I control the key to my destiny.

Example 2 My name is "Your Name” and I'm So Educated™ because Education is more than a luxury;
                     it is a responsibility that I owe to myself.

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