Entrepreneur Feature

Entrepreneur Feature

***Please provide 3-5 photos***

 1. Tell us about your Company/Business?

    1. Company?
    2. Your position?
    3. Where are you from?

2. What made you start your business?

3. What's your 5 year Master Plan?

4. What have you learned about yourself?

5. How important is it to your business that you
continuously educate yourself?

6. What new skills did you attain to help develop you as a professional?

7. Company Website or FB page/Link etc…

8. What are some clients you have worked with? Who are some clients you work with? Target Market?

9. What advice would you give to students looking to start their own company?

(Most important question)

10) What makes you "So Educated”?

(Please start off your response with) …………….. My name is "Your Name” and I'm So Educated™ because………….(This can be as creative as you want it)

Example 1 My name is "Your Name” and I'm So Educated™ because I control the key to my destiny.

Example 2 My name is "Your Name” and I'm So Educated™ because Education is more than a luxury;
                    it is a responsibility that I owe to myself.

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***Additional company information/ comments are welcomed and encouraged.***



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