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1) Tell us a little about yourself?

2) What instrument(s) do you play?

3) How long have you been a musician? How did you learn?

4) What’s the greatest thing about being a musician?

5) Are there any obstacles you had to overcome to become such a talented musician?

6) What is your favorite quote?

7) How do you define success?

8) Do you believe that it’s important for music and art programs to be in schools? Why?

9) What musician inspires you and why?

10) What would you say to a student who is interested in becoming a musician?

Most important question

11) What makes you "So Educated” ?

(Please start off your response with) …………….. My name is "Your Name” and I'm So Educated because………….(This can be as creative as you want it)

Ex. My name is "Your Name” and I'm So Educated™ because I control the key to my destiny.

Ex.1 My name is "Your Name” and I'm So Educated™ because Education is more than a luxury; it is a responsibility that I owe to myself.

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