Letters from a YOUNG KING -Haylen Mallery (Motivation)
1/27/2016 10:44:23 AM
I know we all love our parents but they won’t be here forever. So we need to learn how to motivate ourselves. When we have projects or lots of work we have to motivate ourselves to do it. 

I know we can’t always motivate ourselves, so you always need a family member or close friend you can share your feelings with. If you want a job or you want to lose weight motivation is the key. When you motivate yourself to do something and you do it and have a great result you should feel proud that you motivated yourself and no one had to tell you.        

There are many keys to success and self motivation is one of them 

                                EX.  I had a project due the next day and I thought my parents were gonna help me like they always do, but it turns out they had some stuff to do where they couldn’t help me. I was really tired and when I heard they couldn’t help me I was shocked so I had to use self motivation to get my project done and I ended up doing very well. It was way better than I thought it would be so I was proud of myself and I was very happy I got a good grade.

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