The Motivational Jumpstart Podcast EP9. Featuring Guest Lenny Williams
8/18/2016 5:13:42 PM
"Lenny Williams is one of today’s most gifted leaders in inspiring youth and countless individuals to pursue their career and educational dreams. Counted out early because of lackluster grades and being lured by the street lifestyle, the under 30 year-old professor has flipped his negatives into positives and built a platform that utilizes his voice to make a difference. Today, Lenny has spoken to over 100 public / private school districts in NJ, NY, CT, MA, MD and Washington D. C. and orchestrated workshops for adolescents at universities such as Yale, Rutgers and New Jersey City University. As an educator and speaker, his mission is to be a voice to reach generations and a reminder that greatness can be achieved against all odds."

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