Jessica Luther talks Sports, Sexual Assault, and Unsportsmanlike Conduct
3/21/2017 10:50:45 AM

Jessica Luther is a freelance sports journalist and writer, whose work often covers the intersection of sports and culture, specifically off-field violence and institutional responses to that behavior. Luther has written features on this topic for Sports Illustrated and VICE Sports, as well as numerous other articles for a wide variety of outlets that include the Atlantic, RH Reality Check, and Sports on Earth. She has appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, NewsNation, and The Lawrence O’Donnell show because of her expertise on this topic, and has been a guest on radio shows such as ESPN’s Dan Le Batard Show and Bleacher Report’s Content is King.


In August 2015 at Texas Monthly, along with her co-author Dan Solomon, Luther broke open the story of a Baylor football player on trial for sexual assault of a fellow student athlete (later convicted). The player had transferred from Boise State after being dismissed from that team, remained on an athletic scholarship at Baylor even after he was indicted on two charges of sexual assault, and his case went unreported for many months. Luther did media around the Baylor reporting that included appearances on ESPN’s Outside the Lines and Sportscenter, multiple radio interviews, and numerous podcast episodes.


Luther has written general sports features for Bleacher report, the Austin Chronicle (including a cover story), and the Texas Observer. Her sports articles have appeared at Fansided, Guardian Sport, and Texas Monthly. She also contributed a chapter on sports in the work, A Feminist Utopia.

Luther also writes media criticism and sometimes about politics, her most recent articles on these topics appearing at the New Republic and Bitch Magazine.


You can always find her on Twitter at @scATX.


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