Women in Excellence

Women of Excellence Interview Questions

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(Please answer a MINIMUM of 10 questions)

1)    How would you answer the question "What are you about” ?

2)    What is your definition of diversity and how would you rank it’s importance?

3)    How and why did you choose this career?

4)    What is a typical "Day in Your Work Life” like?

5)    What are the most and least rewarding aspects of your job?

6)    What are the most important skills and abilities you have acquired?

7)    Would you choose this career if you could make the decision again? What (if anything) would you do differently? 

8)    What is something you wish you knew (but didn’t) 10 years ago?

9)    What are the best opportunities for someone entering into your career?

10) How would you define reaching your "Maximum potential” ?

11) What has been your proudest accomplishment?

12) What has been your biggest challenge as a woman in your work field?

13) What is the one saying/ phrase/ idea that inspires you daily?

14) What obstacles in your life, school, etc. Have helped you mature as a person?

15) What is your driving or motivating force in life?

16) What advice would you give a kid who thinks education is pointless?

17) Tell us about a defining moment in your life?

18) How have you overcome your biggest challenges in life?

19) Who is someone in your life that inspires you every day?

20) Any "words of advice”?

Most Important Question

21. What makes you "So Educated” ?

(Please start off your response with) …………….. My name is  "Your Name”  and  I’m So Educated because………….(This can be as creative as you want it)

Ex.       My name is "Your Name”  and I’m So Educated™ because I control the key to my destiny.

Ex.1     My name is "Your Name” and I’m So Educated™ because Education is more than a luxury; it is a responsibility that I owe to myself.





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