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I'm So Educated™ is an educational exchange and online platform, geared towards empowering lifelong learners, parents, professionals, entrepreneurs, and current students, with a personalized AND private educational experience. Inspired by Dr. Michael Mallery, a transformative leader and EDUpreneur with over 15 years experience, I'm So Educated™ was created to help learners thrive at the intersection of Education and Entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to provide a customized, yet practical learning experience for our diverse set of learners. We are helping our community develop the mindset, strategies, and knowledge to take control of their future.

✅ The I'm So Educated™ community is a place to LEARN, GROW, and INVEST IN YOURSELF. As we like to say to:
  1. The Student - YOUR classroom just got a WHOLE LOT BIGGER..... (Let's further connect the dots to your educational journey).
  2. The Working Professional - 9-5 is their time... 5-9 is YOURS. (Creating multiple streams of income is so much fun).
  3. The Entrepreneur - One of the best ways to thrive in the future is to create it. (You are one piece of information away from changing the game).
  4. The Parent - Information Changes Situations. (Your perspective on how to support your students in High School, College, and Career is about to change).
  5. The Curious - There are many divergent communities - WHICH ONE WILL YOU CHOOSE.
✅ If you are ready to thrive at the intersection of Education and Entrepreneurship, we look forward to supporting you. Welcome to  you the I'm So Educated™ family.
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